„95 secondary school”. Riga

Modern schools outgrown their old “clothes” long time ago; therefore, they renew their interior and lighting as much as possible. And this is a very welcome step, because the quality of artificial lighting is crucial for children, and modern technology allows such things our parents and grandparents did not even dreamed of.

The heads of 95th secondary school in Riga were not afraid to take the suggestion of “ELMO light” specialists to install RGB LED panels mounted to Armstrong ceiling at the school. Such panels change the colour of the light from warm white to cold blue. When you need maximum concentration, you can set a cooler daylight, and when relaxation is required – cosy warm white light. It’s not only a versatile but also a very playful solution. In addition, such LED panels can be used for light therapy.

It is worth remembering that one light source is not enough for schools. That’s why, along with the RGB panels, accent luminaires were chosen, which illuminate the pictures attached to the walls of the school very nicely.