A combination of Contemporary Art and the LED lighting technology

When the alternative art designer, graphic designer, lecturer and director Gintarė Minelgaitė approached “ELMO light”, it was immediately clear that the request will be extraordinary. And so it was – the artist had the idea of an original artistic visualization, but she needed the right lighting and for that she needed some professional help.

After a brief discussion, it was quickly concluded that the best solution for the project is LED lighting. After all, it is a very versatile technology – it does not emit hazardous radiation, does not heat the surface, so the materials used in the installations are completely safe, and most importantly, they do not change the colours chosen in them even after a long demonstration.

The last step was to choose suitable lighting devices – in this case T8 LED tubes were used, which, after a professional installation of the artistic installation project, created a perfect image of the linear illumination.

It is worth noting that with LED devices you can create any artistic installation and as you can see from this project, it’s quite easy to do – you just need a good idea.