,,Ali šokoladinė” cafe. PC Panorama, Vilnius

If you visited the Panorama shopping centre in Vilnius, you probably noticed the “Ali Chocolate” – there you can enjoy not only the delicious desserts, but also admire the décor with its cleanliness and minimalism. This is a strategically well thought solution – after all, the main attention of visitors has to be given to colourful, luxurious, exclusive desserts.

The same goal was raised for newly installed lighting – it must be functional but very clean and perfectly fit into the minimalistic interior. After a deep consideration of the specifics, “ELMO light” specialists chose LED panels for the lighting of this project, which emit the daylight – they are perfectly matched with the design of the store. In this case, not only the style of the panels should be noticed, but also the light they emit. Another very important fact is that the lighting with daylight creates a sterile and clean image which perfectly matches the overall style of the store.