„Amberton” hotel. Klaipėda

The “Amberton” hotel located in Klaipėda wanted to harmonize two important things: first of all, to create a cozy and warm style and secondly, that it would be universal enough and suitable for people of various tastes. It is possible, but demands subtle decisions when a modern and visually clean interior is supplemented with cozy elements in such a way that they would cozy-up and liven the environment, but at the same time maintain measure and harmony.

In such an environment, it is important that illumination maintains balance with coziness and at the same time be measured, almost unnoticeable. LED panels, which emit warm daylight, are ideally suitable for this – they beautifully inlay in the ceilings and fill the premises with cozy light. Torchiers are ideally suitable for target illumination of hotel tables, beds or sofas – they do not only crate an additional illumination, but also embellish the interior.