„Apgāds Zvaigzne ABC” bookstore. PLLC Stockmann, Latvija

Almost standard shop lighting was installed at the Latvian bookstore “Apgāds Zvaigzne ABC”, where “ELMO light” specialists chose and installed the main and accent lighting. The main lighting was equipped with universal LED panels (LED panels mounted to Armstrong ceiling), and accent luminaires on tracks mounted around the counters.

Perhaps every store owner has his own vision of what his store should look like, but there are certain things that are appropriate in most cases. One of them is the convenient and functional accent lighting of stores. Accent lighting in stores is often designed in different ways than at homes or offices. Because the products in the exposition of the stores constantly change, so it is necessary not only to angle accent luminaires, but also move them to a new location. By using the light structure on the tracks, the position of luminaires can be easily changed by simply moving them to desired locations. It is worth noting that this solution is suitable not only for bookstores, but also for other types of stores.