„Charitė” beauty studio. Kretinga

When planning the new lighting, the beauty studio “Charitė” located in Kretinga had few the most important requirements – there should be a lot of light, but it cannot dazzle and, most importantly, it should not distort colours. After all, it is a very unpleasant feeling when you come out of the beauty salon and look at the mirror in the sunlight, you see a completely different look from the one you saw in the mirror of the beauty salon – the shade of the makeup is not what you expected and eyeshadows are where they shouldn’t be. And it’s not the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, but the wrong lighting – it distorted the colours and showed essential details differently.

Therefore, daylight emitting LED panels were chosen in the beauty studio “Charitė” without any doubts. This type of light not only gives you a feeling of sterility and cleanliness, but most importantly, the client sees the same look after the beauty procedures as she sees it into natural daylight. No negative emotions or frustrations, and just because the studio has a high quality and consistent lighting.