„Congress” hotel. Vilnius

Every hotel has its own vision on how to maintain the balance between coziness and visually clean interior, which is suitable for everyone’s tastes. The “Congress” hotel located in Vilnius demanded an interesting solution – the ceilings reliefs, which later demanded a special illumination, were formed upon carrying-out the facings of the premises. In such cases, an irreplaceable solution is a concealed illumination with LED stripes.

Other hotels do not shy away from concealed illumination; however, it often is a part of the main illumination. Nevertheless, at the “Congress” hotel concealed illumination serves the function of the main illumination. The LED strips are mounted around the ceilings in the hotel rooms, by concealing them in the niches of reliefs. The concealed illumination is mounted also in the bathrooms near the mirrors; however, here instead of LED stripes small 4W LED panels were used.

The torchiers were placed in the hotel rooms for additional illumination. They do not only embellish the interior and provide coziness, but also provide additional light.

Modern and cozy rooms, in which an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere strives, were created by using stylish LED illumination devices.