Eglė Prokopavičiūtė: Experiencing Synthetic Breathing. Vilnius

Since the very beginning “ELMO light” is a socially responsible company that does not hesitate to contribute to various artistic, social and other projects. Therefore, we did not hesitate to help the student of the Department of Monumental Painting Eglė Propokavi

iūtė, who approached us for her bachelor’s work project. The creative student planned the installation of kinetic light “Synthetic breathing”, which required colourful LED strips, power supplies and controls. After listening to the needs of Eglė, professional consultants of “ELMO light” completed all the necessary tools, and the final project required 8 meters of colourful LED strips.

The complete artistic installation was presented at the theatre called “House of Puglu“. During the demonstration, the synthesis of form, light, sound and space was presented very effectively. The objects of artistic installation were inflated with the help of air fans, meanwhile while smoke and RGB tape helped to create a mystical atmosphere.