„Europa Royale” lighting project. Kaunas

An extremely appealing and also creative effort requiring challenge is the lighting of an interesting architecture and non-traditional buildings. An excellent example of this is the “Europa Royale” lighting project in Kaunas, which was implemented by “ELMO light” for a short period of time. The aim of this project was to maximally highlight the unconventional beauty of an old architecture and modern interior.

You cannot do this with simple lighting, but “ELMO light” has something to offer in those cases as well – an exclusive linear luminaire that allows you to create a perfect architectural lighting.

The radius emitted by these lights fits the walls of the illuminated room and ideally reproduces all the shapes of the space (illuminates the perimeter) – in the dark they seem to glow by themselves and the illuminated space gains a mysterious radiant aura. This type of lighting looks extremely exclusive, it creates a special atmosphere of mystery.