Fountain at Laisvės al. Kaunas

The fountain in Laisvės alėja, in Kaunas, which is known as a meeting place for a long time, was revived in completely with new colours. Ultra-powerful, yet very cost-effective RGB floodlights from “ELMO light” mounted to the fountain creates an amazing play of colours, and most importantly, citizens and city guests can change the colours of the fountain by themselves.

Remote control of colours via the Internet is not a typical feature of RGB floodlights – such interactive features were provided by Tomas Stasiukaitis, who designed microcontrollers especially for this project. Precisely these microcontrollers that control the colours of the RGB lights, and citizens and city guests themselves can send a colour command to microcontrollers via the Internet – a special page with user-friendly application was created.

The unique and attractive project of Kaunas fountain will cheer the citizens and city guests long after, because the used RGB floodlights are resistant to moisture and frost, which makes it ideal for outdoor use.