Italian restaurant Fiorentino. Vilnius

Italians always have an exceptional taste, therefore when they approached “ELMO light” for the lighting, they knew exactly what they want – the well-lit patio and the most important, the highlighting of impressive columns at the restaurant. Having carefully listened to all the requests, our specialists selected the outdoor spotlights of 5W RGB (with changing colours), operated by the remote control, for this project, and completed all the additional equipment. The selected spotlights and hermetic power sources are frost and moisture-proof, and are ideal for the outdoor use.

The spotlights were mounted on each column, and when turned on with the remote control, you can easily and quickly change not only the intensity of the light but also the colour of the column, which allows you to create not only a very cosy atmosphere but also an entirely different mood. So now “Fiorentino” restaurant attracts its customers not only with a high-quality Italian cuisine, but also with an extremely comfortable environment that reveals its beauty in the evening by turning on artificial LED lighting.