„Majai“ Sweets shop. PC Akropolis. Klaipeda

The “Majai” sweets shop located in “Akropolis” shopping centre in Klaipėda wanted a classical, not eye-catching but functional and comfortable lighting project. For such cases nothing else is better than the recessed LED light panels and accent luminaires mounted on the tracks.

Classical LED light panels fit into the interior of the shop very coherently and filled all the premises with a clean, aesthetic light. Meanwhile, the accent luminaires highlighted the most important compositions of the goods. It is worth noting that LED accent luminaires practically do not expose heat, so there’s no danger of melting for illuminated sweets. In addition, when accent luminaires are fitted on the tracks, the shop staff can easily move them to another location, depending on how the exposition of the goods changes.

Implemented lighting project perfectly matched the store’s vision – it does not disturb the buyers and concentrates their attention to colourful delicacies for sale.