”Nika” health center. Riga

Each room has its own lighting solutions, even if the same type of lighting devices is used. A perfect example of this kind of lighting is Nika Health Center in Riga. Taking into account the needs of the clients and the interiors of the premises, “ELMO light” chose rectangular and square universal LED panels which perfectly match the style. Although all panels are alike from the outside, they really emit a completely different light.

When passing through the health centre’s doorstep, all visitors must feel welcome and very comfortable, so not only the pleasant service and interior are important, but the fitted lighting as well. That’s why the warm white LED panels were chosen in the lounge, which give this space cosiness. Cosiness is also necessary in the gym, especially because a lot of people do sports after work, when the body no longer needs to be exhilarated before the upcoming night’s rest, so there warm white LED panels were also installed.

A completely different situation is in the procedural offices, which requires maximum staff concentration and care. In addition, it is a sterile room, so daylight LED panels were installed for their illumination.