Oncology Children’s Hospital in Vilnius. Phototherapy room

Perhaps it is impossible to overestimate the effects of light to the human body – light not only helps to orient in the environment, but also has a very strong effect on well-being and even physical health. This effect of light has been detected for a long time now, therefore the specialized light therapy rooms are gradually developing around the world.

The First Light Therapy Room in Lithuania was initiated by Vytautas Kernagis Foundation and “ELMO light” Ltd. – our company has manufactured and installed special lamps that simulate sunlight and create positive biochemical changes in the human body. It has been scientifically proven that this type of lamp has a positive effect on the body: it strengthens the immune system, stimulates the regeneration of the body.

This effect of light is beneficial for all people, but it is especially needed for patients. That is why the first light therapy room in the country was established at the Children’s Oncohematology Center of Santaros Clinic and is primarily aimed at rehabilitation of children with oncohematological diseases. With the help of this light, children’s recovery process is facilitated and accelerated.