PLLC ,,Ateities odontologijos klinika” Clinic. Vilnius

UAB “Ateities odontologijos klinika” located in Vilnius demanded a classical and visually clean, but cozy illumination. Thus, in this case, the inlayed LED panels are best suitable for this. These kind of panels do not obtrude and perfectly coalesce with the interior of the clinics.

The interior of the clinic is created in such a way, which would remind the clients of the cozy environment of their home and would help to relax. The LED panels, which emit warm white light, were chosen not by accident – this kind of light sooths, lessens anxiety and relaxes.

However, in order to highlight separate spaces of premises, LED panels are not enough – functional illumination is needed. In this case, under the stair rails the LED strips, which are ideally suitable for concealed illumination, were mounted. A classical style torchier, which is placed on top of the stairs, does not only emit additional light, but also perfectly matches with the interior as an element of décor and in this way supplements the cozy environment.