PLLC „Ravak” bathroom equipment salons. Kaunas

Each shop pays utmost attention to display illumination – the showcases have the best offers in terms of price and quality, which is why the customers glance firstly at these wares. Depending of the type of wares, the showcases can be small or big.

In the bathroom paraphernalia salon UAB “Ravak located in Kaunas, the showcases take up a large space. The wares, which are being exhibited, are of various sizes and placed with spaces, which allow the shoppers to look at them from all sides. The illumination of such showcases needs specific solutions. Accent LED luminaires, which are mounted into rails, are perfect for this.

First, accent LED luminaires provide focused and very bright illumination, but do not emit any harmful rays and do not fade the colors, which is why they are ideal for illuminating the showcases. Secondly, when they are mounted into rails they are easy to shift in such a way that the light would maximally brightly illuminate the wares themselves, but not the spaces between them. In such a way, accent LED luminaires do not only liven the interior, but also perfectly highlight all of the wares in the showcase.