„Result Spa” beauty centre. Vilnius

Modern LED panels and strips were used to implement the illumination project the beauty center “Result Spa located in Vilnius. The combination of these two light sources created an exceptionally harmonious illumination composition.

Daylight emitting LED panels were mounted in the waiting room and cosmetology cabinets as the main light source. The light of this kind of color temperature provides the feeling of sterility and cleanliness. Two types of LED panels – round and oblong universal LED panels, which can be mounted into various type of ceilings – were used. Round panels were inlayed into the ceiling’s relief, creating a splendid style integrity. In the office, where the ceilings are even and without a relief, universal oblong LED panels, which match the form of the premises, were used.

The clients must relax at the beauty center, which is why coziness and mystery accent is needed here. It is created by a concealed illumination of LED strips, which are mounted along the ceilings and showcases.