Tobacco and tea shop „Skonis ir kvapas”. PC Nordika, Vilnius

Tobacco and tea shop “Skonis ir kvapas” at Vikingų str. 3, Vilnius, in the shopping centre “Nordika”, wanted a classic lighting design for the store. After evaluating the request of the store “ELMO light” offered the best possible option – LED panels that are very well suited for the classical interior. They had only one limiting factor – since the store has Armstrong ceilings, LED panels mounted to the Armstrong ceiling were chosen.

The installed lighting filled the store with a clean, aesthetic light. The quantity and capacity of the panels were calculated with a reserve, not only considering the area of the store premises, but also the fact that the packages of the goods for sale are in the most varied shades – from light-reflective white to strongly absorbing dark-coloured shades.