„Urmas” shoping area. Kaunas

The most important criteria for renovating the lighting of large scale objects is energy conservation. It is of no surprise, that the above-mentioned criteria was one of the most important requirements of the management of the shopping area Urmas in Kaunas during the renovation of the outdoor lighting. New luminaires were required to provide maximum energy savings and reliability, as well as be of contemporary and aesthetically pleasing design. All of the above requirements were met with ease by implementing the high quality and modern LED outdoor floodlights.

Following the completion of the outdoor lighting renovation, the surroundings of the shopping area Urmas were lit up using extremely energy efficient and high output floodlights manufactured in accordance with the cutting edge LED technology. These LED outdoor floodlights are resistant to cold and moisture, therefore they are an ideal solution for long-lasting outdoor lightning.

New floodlights were installed for lighting up of the main ramps of the shopping area as well for main isles and display spaces.