Vaidoto Žuko Art gallery. Alantos dvaras, Molėtai

Luminaires with LED technology are ideally suitable for illuminating artworks – the luminaires do not heat and emit harmful ultraviolet rays, which is why they are completely harmless to artworks. They do not fade colors and do not create defects for the frame or material, on which the painting is painted. Another plus is that accent luminaires perfectly reproduce colors, thus, it is an exceptionally suitable illumination for artworks. It is no surprise that Vaidotas Žukas Art Gallery, which is located in Alanta Manor of Molėtai, has chosen the illumination project with accent LED luminaires, which can be mounted on the rails.

Accent (spotted) luminaires like no other are able to focus the illumination at the specifically desired direction, thus every painting is individually highlighted from the common art gallery’s environment. In this way, the real value of artworks is unmasked; the visitors are able to admire every artwork separately. However, sometimes the exhibits of the gallery are shifted, which is why the illumination must be easily and simply carried to a new place or tilted at another angle – all of this is ensured by a convenient rail system of accent luminaires.