1. Warranty agreement 
1.1. Elmo Technologijos UAB, hereinafter referred to as the Seller, hereby sells and the Buyer hereby purchases the goods under the terms and conditions of the present agreement. 
1.2. The Seller shall grant a warranty for certain types of goods as specified in the confirmation of sale document. The warranty period shall start as of the day of sale of a respective item, as specified on the confirmation of sale document. All quality-related defects occurring due to manufacturer’s fault shall be covered by warranty. Natural wear and tear of a product or change of its qualities shall not qualify as quality defects.
2. Returns and replacement 
2.1. The Seller shall eliminate any detected manufacturing defects within 14-30 business days from registration of the respective claim at the company. The Seller retains the right to extend the said term in some extraordinary cases.
2.2. The Buyer has the right to request refund only when the product is impossible to repair or replace with an analogous one.
3. Warranty shall not apply for:
- the goods that were used without adhering to the instructions of use and installation set forth in the user’s manual; 
- the goods that have mechanical damage that was not documented at the moment of sale;
- the defect that occurred due to illegal or unsuitable voltage or power supply, power outage, breakdown of the electrical installations in the building, etc.;
- the goods that were not used according to their intended purpose;
- the parts that are exposed to regular wear and tear (wires, connections, batteries, holders, etc.);
- packaging;
- the defects caused by foreign objects, substances or liquids appearing in the package or inside the item as well as occurring due to corrosion, oxidation, etc.;
- the defects caused by natural disasters (lightning, flood, fire, etc.) or other force majeure circumstances where the Seller cannot be considered neither fully nor partially responsible for their occurrence;
- the defects occurring due to additional or installation materials used together with the goods or spare parts that are not original or recommended to be used;
- the defects that were repaired by someone without manufacturer’s authorization;
- when the labels on the goods or their components are damaged;
- when the goods have been dismantled or otherwise altered after their acquisition;
- the warranty shall also not apply if the Buyer fails to present the confirmation of sale document: cash register receipt, invoice or sale and purchase agreement.
4. If a defect is not confirmed and/or in case a defect is not covered by warranty or free technical maintenance, the Buyer shall cover all the expenses related to the transportation of the goods to the technical maintenance center, inspection and repair.
5. If the Buyer is informed that the goods have been repaired and are ready to be collected but fails to do so, the Seller has the right to discontinue their storage 3 months after the end of the repair works.
6. When collecting the repaired goods, the Buyer shall check their quality and status. No claims concerning the quality of the goods (e.g. scratches, breaks or other damages occurring during transportation, assembly, carrying or due to other actions by the Buyer) shall be accepted after the collection of the goods.

Warranty applies only with confirmation of sale document.