„Eurokos” сosmetic store. PC Akropolis, Kaunas

Each shop chooses its style and adjusts the illumination based on this. Usually it is modern, but often discreet. Toiletries shop “Eurokos”, which is located in the Kaunas shopping center “Akropolis”, applied a somewhat different strategy.

Round LED panels, which can be inlayed into the ceilings, were chosen as the main illumination source of the shop – it is an often and one of the best choices for illuminating points of commerce. However, round panels here are not mounted in accordance to strict lines, but playfully, having the attention of the visitors.

The shops need also accent illumination, which would be diverted to exhibits and showcases, near the main one. In this case, accent (spotted) LED luminaires were chosen. They are mounted into rails, they can be easily shifted and comfortability diverted where they are needed the most.